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  • Software for statistical analysis, data management, power and sample size calculation, and data base conversion available to the Biostatistical Unit include such packages as the SAS System, SUDAAN, NCSS 2000, R, EQS, Stata, NQuery Advisor, PASS, StatXact, LogXact, CART (Classification and Regression Trees), and PHYLIP (PHYLogeny Inference Package), as well as original special-purpose programming in FORTRAN and C++. Other applications are available to Unit personnel through secondary appointments.
  • Members of the University community have access to a wide variety of statistical software through a web-based system which allows users to access a variety of software applications via on campus or off campus Internet connection. This system is known as the Virtual Desktop. The MyFiles system permits members of the University community to access and interact wiht their data files stored on their personal network space.
  • Virtual Desktop
  • How to use online SAS (.pdf)
  • My Files

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