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Integrated Sleep Medicine and Dental Sleep Medicine

This course qualifies the enrollee for 6.5 CE credit hours and the cost is $265 for dentists and $145 for assistants/hygienists/technicians.
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Course Description

The course will define and describe connections between sleep medicine, dental sleep medicine, and sleep dentistry. Physicians will describe sleep medicine principles and new technologies for treatment and understanding of sleep disordered breathing. Dental sleep medicine will be positioned in relation to sleep medicine. Sleep dentistry will be defined and treatment planning, integration with occlusion and TMD will be explained. The importance of the airway in restorative dentistry will be illustrated.


Participants should be to:

* Understand the relationships between sleep medicine physicians and dentists required to provide dental sleep medicine care;

* Demonstrate communication required for delivery of dental sleep medicine care;

* Describe how to integrate dental sleep medicine into personalized care and recommend alternative therapies for obstructive sleep apnea; and

* Explain how to treatment plan and sequence dental sleep medicine care.

Course issued: 9/2020; expires 9/2022


M. Eric Dyken, MD
Specialty: Sleep Disorders
Director, Sleep Disorders Program, Neurology
Professor of Neurology
University of Iowa

Deborah Lin-Dyken, MD
Clinical Professor, Pediatrics- Developmental and Behavior Disorders, Carver College of Medicine, Stead Family
Department of Pediatrics
University of Iowa

Steven Mickelson, MD
Cardiac Electrophysiologist
Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Carver College of Medicine
University of Iowa

Reed Parker, DDS
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Iowa College of Dentistry

Amy Pearlman, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Men’s Health Program Director, Urology
University of Iowa

Kevin Randle
Retail Director, DME, University of Iowa Healthcare Sleep Solutions

John Syrbu, DDS
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Iowa College of Dentistry

Douglas Van Daele, MD
Professor, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Radiation Oncology
University of Iowa

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