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Endodontics / Prosthodontics for the Dental Team Course

This course qualifies the enrollee for 3 CEU credit hours and the cost is $75.
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Team Approach for Restoring the Completely Edentulous and Partially Edentulous Patient Esthetic - Functionally Stable - Complete Dentures and Predictable Implant Prostheses - Dr. Richard Williamson.

Course Description
In this portion of the course, you will discover as a team some essentials for predictable, successful complete dentures that can build your practice and provide the template for full mouth implant reconstruction.  Cone-Beam Computer Tomography and treatment planning software will show how to increase predictability of planning implant placement and prosthesis construction for both the complete and partially edentulous patient.

After viewing this lecture participants will:

  • Be able to immediately incorporate procedures and concepts into their practice that will facilitate the fabrication of predictably stable, functional and highly esthetic complete dentures
  • See how to use Cone-Beam Computed Tomography and diagnostic wax ups for computer planned and guided implant surgery
  • See how to convert Cone-Beam Computed Tomography treatment planned prostheses into a mock up for patient consultation Be able to work as a team with the same understanding of concepts and desired outcomes when educating and treating patients, thus leading to higher case acceptance and more predictably meeting patient expectations


Dr. Richard Williamson
Richard A.  Williamson, DDS, MS
Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Prosthodontics. 


Contemporary Non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment in General Practice - Dr. William Johnson

This portion of the course will review the current nonsurgical root canal treatment instrumentation, irrigation, medication, and obturation techniques.  Emphasis will be placed on the evidence indicating the effect of treatment procedures on prognosis and enhancing clinical outcomes of endodontic treatment.

After viewing this lecture clinicians should be able to discuss:

  • the advantages / disadvantages of rotary instruments and instrumentation techniques
  • the effectiveness of various irrigants and irrigation techniques
  • the rationale for using intra-canal medicaments
  • the role obturation plays in endodontic outcomes


Dr. William Johnson
William T. Johnson, DDS, MS
Department of Endodontics.

Course issues: 4/2017; expires 4/2019