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Short Implant Study


This study aimed to determine the effect of obesity in type II diabetics on bone forming cells in healthy non-obese and obese type II diabetic individuals. 

Subjects had two ‘short-implants’ surgically placed and systemically removed and replaced with functional implants over the course of a week.

Recruitment Information: 

You may be eligible for this study if you:

  • Are missing at least 2 teeth and are interested in dental implants
  • Do not have a history of radiation therapy to the head or neck
  • Do not currently take steroids, antibiotics, immunosuppressants, bisphosophonates, hormone replacement therapies, statins, or benicar
  • Do not have a bleeding disorder
  • Are not pregnant or wish to be
  • Do not have a history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Are not a current smoker

Subjects who qualify and complete the study will be eligible for compensation for their time.

Dentsply Implants, ITI Foundation, & The American College of Prosthodontists
1 year follow-up
Recruitment Goal: 
48 subjects


Study Status: 

Completed Studies

Study Type: 

Implant Studies