CCRP History

The Craniofacial Clinical Research Program was established as the Center for Clinical Studies as a division of the UI Institute for Dental Research in 1986. The center was initially established as a way to link the active laboratory research program, based in the UI Institute for Dental Research, with a formal clinic setting. The clinic setting gave researchers access to a diverse patient population for evaluating diagnostic and treatment modalities, materials, and therapeutic agents. The administrative arm of the program was established in 1999 to address the regulatory needs of investigator-initiated and sponsored clinical trials.

The Center for Clinical Studies became known as the Craniofacial Clinical Research Program as a way to acknowledge the center’s distinction as the craniofacial component of the University of Iowa’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Science. The new name encompasses the varied genetic research, investigator initiated projects, and strong history of corporate sponsored trials taking place side by side in the clinic space. The current clinic space was finished and dedicated in 2011, and represents the College of Dentistry’s strong commitment to clinical research in the state of Iowa and beyond.

image of Univeristy of Iowa College of Dentistry Clinics, circa 1900

University of Iowa College of Dentistry Clinics, circa 1900.