Digital X-rays

Digital dental x-rays offer us the ability to diagnose diseases of the oral cavity that cannot be directly visualized when we perform your clinical exam. Digital x-rays can be used to diagnose oral conditions such as dental decay, bone pathology due to infection or periodontal disease, developmental defects, trauma, some types of tumors, and unerupted teeth. Digital x-rays utilize a digital sensor instead of traditional film, and allow for immediate viewing by both the patient and dentist. Radiation with digital x-rays is reduced by ~60-70% as compared with traditional film x-rays, and can be enlarged on a computer screen to facilitate enhanced communication between the dentist and patient. Digital x-rays are environmentally friendly, as no processing chemicals are required. If you ever require copies of your radiographs forwarded to another party (i.e., for insurance purposes, relocating, seeking specialty care), your digital x-rays can easily be sent electronically.