Dental Operating Microscopes

image of dental microscope

Modern preventative dentistry seeks as a goal to preserve as much intact, healthy tooth structure as possible when performing restorative procedures. Preservation of intact, healthy tooth structure depends in large part on accurate visualization of the operating field. The dental operating microscope is a cutting-edge device that allows the dentist to have unparalleled visual acuity of the tooth structure that is being restored. The surgical microscope has been used routinely for the past 20 years in the fields of opthalmology, neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and ENT (ear, nose, and throat) surgery. It only makes sense for dentists to also avail themselves of this same technology for dental applications. For the past 10 years, endodontists (root canal specialists) have utilized this powerful tool to provide higher quality care with more predictable outcomes. Despite its slow acceptance in restorative dentistry, our clinics are equipped with wall-mounted microscopes to allow for routine employment of this paradigm-changing equipment in your care.

image of widefield eyepiece