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Priyanka Patel


As an incoming foreign dentist, I knew there was a lot of room for my professional development. During the dental school research and throughout the interview process, I was absolutely sure that UIowa’s School of Dentistry is where I can achieve my goals that I was seeking. UIowa is considered as an academic leader in many fields. After getting accepted into the IDASP program, I had enrolled in the Mandatory Summer Program where I was exposed to many facets of clinical dentistry that I was previously unaware of. What I really appreciated about the program thus far is the effort put in by the faculty in providing guidance to the incoming students and the resources made available in order for us to gain expertise in many areas.  In addition, after getting to know the upperclassmen I felt motivated to constantly improve as a dentist. The program is specifically structured to produce finest dentist that prioritize patient care and dental ethics. 

Prachi Shah


I am glad to be a part of the UIOWA IDASP and learning the IOWA way. It has been a wonderful experience. The professors here are helpful and most of all I think the school provides us with a lot of patient experience which has immensely helped me enhance my clinical and patient management skills. UIOWA is big on student-faculty feedback after every assignment/procedure which in a way helps build good rapport and understanding as to what is expected from us as students. This program really focuses on the clinical aspects of dentistry and has helped hone my expertise in practice management as well which I believe is a very important aspect once you enter the professional world.