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Requirements To Apply To Programpatient care

Applicants must apply through the ADEA Centralized Application for Advanced Placement for International Dentists (CAAPID). Apply on line at

Residency Status: Preference will be given to US citizens, US permanent residents (green card holders) and those holding legal asylum or refugee status.

English Language Proficiency

  • Must be proficient in the English language.
  • All non-native English speaking applicants must take the TOEFL and gain a score of 100 or more to be considered for admission (No Waiver will be given).
  • Only computer based TOEFL scores are accepted (no paper based).
  • Only scores from TOEFL exams taken AFTER October 1, 2019, will be considered. Scores from exams taken before October 1, 2019, will NOT be considered.
  • The testing agency must submit original TOEFL scores directly to ADEA CAAPID.

National Board Dental Examination Requirements

  • To be considered for admissions, the program requires passage of NBDE I and II or the IBDE.
  • When an interview is offered, official National Board Dental scores will be requested by the program.

Letter of Evaluation

  • The program requires three Letters of Evaluation:
    • Program prefers one Letter of Evaluation to come from a former faculty member.
    • Program prefers one Letter of Evaluation to come from a former teachers or mentor who can attest to applicant’s character, conduct, and professional ability.
    • The third Letter of Evaluation may come from an individual of the applicant’s choice that is not a family member.
  • The letters of evaluation must be written in English on official letterhead and signed by the letter writer.
  • Letters must be less than 2 years old.
  • Letters must be submitted by the Letter writer directly to ADEA CAAPID.

Transcripts and Evaluations

  • Applicant must submit to ADEA CAAPID a detailed evaluation by Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE).
  • If offered an interview, the applicant must submit the original academic record from their dental school directly to the program.

Application Fees

  • Application fee: $250 (separate from the ADEA CAAPID application fee)
  • Interview fee: $1500
  • IDASP Tuition (pdf)
  • Admitted students must pay a non-refundable deposit

lab work

Other documents that should be sent directly to program (not to CAAPID)

  • Communication by email is preferred ( Only applications that are complete, meet the deadline, and meet the requirements will be reviewed and considered for admission.
  • Supplemental application material may be requested when an interview is offered.
    • National Board scores- applicant numerical scores.
    • A copy of the applicant’s dental license, if applicable.
    • Proof of residency -­ a copy of immigration documentation (passport, permanent resident card or Visa).
    • Send a 2x2 color photograph to the program. Print your name and ADEA CAAPID number on the back of the photo.
  • Only documents on CAAPID website will be reviewed. No paper records, no updated CV (unless specifically requested at interview), etc. will be considered.