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Dental Student Research Program

The Mission

Margaret Baudino talks with Justin Anderson
Margaret Baudino (as a D2) tells Justin Anderson (as a D3) about her research poster at Iowa AADR Local Research Day on February 11, 2014 

The goals of the Dental Student Research Program are to expose and involve highly qualified dental students to dental, oral and craniofacial research so as to 1) instill critical thinking through research experience; 2) assist faculty research and support the scholarly mission of the college; 3) encourage students to consider dental academics and research as career options

As a part of this program we hope to 1) stimulate student interest and participation in oral health research which is not currently available in the general dental curriculum and  2) foster collaboration between student trainees and faculty mentors and encourage the trainees to become involved in the design, conduct and reporting of research.

The Program's specific training objectives include:

  • Acquiring detailed knowledge of an area of research using contemporary methods for literature searching and data mining;

  • Instruction in study design; involving development of a hypothesis, planning of experiments, and incorporation of appropriate statistical analysis;

  • Acquisition of specific laboratory research skills as appropriate to the investigation;

  • Learning how to prepare and communicate information to the scientific community; and

  • Achieving a sense of identification with the scientific community through participation in such activities as local, regional, and national research meetings.