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Getting Involved

Matt Black (currently D3) presents his research project at AADR Local Research Day
Matt Black (as a D3) presents his research project to Scott Steward-Tharp (as a D3) at Iowa AADR Local Research Day on February 11, 2014

The Dental Student Research Program provides exceptional dental students with experience in research. Two sources of funding are available to support qualified dental students:  The Student Research Traineeships from the Dows Student Research Fellowship and the Iowa Dental Research Grants are made available through the Dows Institute of Dental Research in the College of Dentistry. These awards are designed to give students a structured research experience extending over a three month period between May and September.

Dental students are eligible for the Dows Research Fellowship and Iowa Dental Research Grant. For either award, students must be sponsored by a faculty mentor, who will provide guidance during the three- month period.

In addition to learning about a specific research area, all awardees gain experience in working with a laboratory team and with a dental scientist, the faculty mentor who, through training and experience, has achieved recognition as a contributing member of the scientific community.

The application process is highly competitive, requiring submission of a research proposal and a thorough review by the Student Research Committee. The application deadline is April 1.  

Dental students involved in research are invited to register for 1-2 s.h. of academic credit in the Research Honors Course (112:190). Registration is optional for Dows Awardees, Iowa Dental Research Grant recipients, and other awardees.