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Research Honors Program

Austin Foster (D2)
Austin Foster (as a D2) describes his research project at Iowa AADR Local Research Day on February 11, 2014 

All students engaged in mentored research are invited to participate in the Dental Student Research Honors Program. Such students may receive academic credit by registering for 1 semester hour (s.h) during each of the Fall and Spring terms and for 2 semester hours (s.h.) during the Summer term. Dental students will only be allowed to register for 1 s.h. during each of the Fall and Spring semesters of their first year. Below is the official course title and description.

Forms & Schedule

112:190 Dental Student Research Honors Program

  1. The Research Honors Program enables the college to award visible and documented recognition of the extra efforts involved in the planning, conduct, and reporting of research.  This adds a measure of performance accountability; for example, excellent performance is rewarded whereas poor performance or non-performance will be negative and visible.
  2. An estimate of the time required to accomplish the objectives listed on the registration form is intended for students and mentors to carefully plan the semester’s activities.  Remember, it is expected that each s.h. is equivalent to at least 3 hours of effort per week in the semester.
  3. Dental research students are required to register for at least 3 s.h. of credit in their freshman, sophomore, and junior years, and at least 2 s.h. of credit in their senior year (See Table 1). Thus, a dental research student accumulates between 14 to 21 s.h. or research hours during dental school. This has the potential for making an appreciable difference in a student’s cumulative grade point average. Faculty should be aware of this impact and therefore assign grades in a responsible manner!
  4. In addition to research progress, each student will be expected to participate in the Iowa Section of the AADR held in February. Other research-related activities may also be required by the director or mentor.
  • Prerequisite: consent of Mentor and Program Director.
  • Each student’s letter grade will be assigned by the Program Director in consultation with the student and mentor