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Student Research Group - University of Iowa Chapter

students & Dr. Marshall at an AADR meeting


Lauren Harvey, Vice-President Hanna Anderson, Vice-President Jessica Grabouski, Secretary Courtney Lickteig, Treasurer
Lauren Harvey
Hannah Anderson
Jessica Grabouski
Courtney Mann

Chong Shao, D4 Representative Kate Zimmerman, D3 Representative Ed Pantzlaff, D2 Representative Erica Recker, D1 Representative
Chong Shao
D4 Representative
Kate Zimmerman
D3 Representative
Ed Pantzlaff
D2 Representative
Erica Recker



  • Generate student interest in dental research
  • Identify student interested in dental research and provide opportunities for discussion of research interests
  • Assist in obtaining funding for student research projects
  • Communicate with local, regional, national, and international research groups
  • Disseminate student research ideas by hosting research seminars and displaying research projects on a regular basis
  • Provide funding for student members to attend annual regional and national research meetings


At the March/April spring meeting, all officers, except the freshman class representative, shall be elected. After nomination and seconding of that nomination, officers of this group shall be elected by a majority vote of active members present at the meeting. Election of officers shall be a closed ballot. The freshman class representative shall be elected during freshman class elections during the fall. If, for any reason, a class representative can no longer serve, a new representative shall be elected in a class election.

National Student Research Group:

Get involved with the National Student Research Group! Iowa has a great history of national representation in the NSRG. Visit the links below to learn more about the NSRG and see how you can get involved:

Past NSRG Members from the University of Iowa

  • 2010 Kelly Huston, Member-at-Large
  • 2007 Lindsay Compton, Member-at-Large
  • 2005 Ryan Morris, Vice-President
  • 2004 Peter Cho, President
  • 2004 J.J. Heying, Secretary
  • 2000 Luciana Miranda, Councilor
  • 2000 Kevin Rencher, Secretary
  • 1995 Gregory Evans, President
  • 1995 Jason Anderson, Councilor
  • 1987 Leslie Winston, President
  • 1983 Ron Hathaway, President