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Research: Recent Scientific Presentations

AADR (American Association for Dental Research), Seattle, March 2013

Associations of Adolescents’ Dental Esthetic Perceptions with Fluorosis and Malocclusion.
Kavand G, Levy SM, Warren JJ, Broffitt B.

Iowa Adolescents: Body Mass Index and Dental Caries Not Associated.
Thomas KL, Marshall TA, Broffitt B, Levy SM.

Orthodontic treatment and other factors affecting teen/parent esthetic satisfaction.
Ruggiero P, Warren JJ, Levy SM, Broffitt B.

Esthetic Perceptions and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Adolescents.
Ahuja V, Levy SM, Broffitt B, Warren JJ.


ADEA (American Dental Education Assocation), Orlando, March 2012

Teaching Caries Risk Assessment - Don’t Forget the Diet!
T.A. Marshall and M.A. Cunningham-Ford

The Critical Thinking Train Is Leaving the Station! Get on Board! Considerations and Strategies in Guiding Learning and Assessing Performance (E).
M. Lipp, D.C. Johnsen, M.J. Finkelstein, T.A. Marshall, M.A. Cunningham-Ford

Consumers’ Choice of Dentist: How and Why People Choose Dental School Faculty as Their Dentist.
M. Kim, P. Damiano, J. Hand

Evidence-Based Practice—Just for the Academic Community? Engaging the Private Practice Sector in Evidence-Based Dentistry.
C. Straub-Morarend, T.A. Marshall, D.C. Holmes

Health Care Reform: What’s Been Implemented, What’s Going to be Implemented, and Will the Law Survive?
P.C. Damiano


AADR (American Association for Dental Research), Tampa, March 2012

Material Compatibility of Self-etching Self-cure 1-step Adhesive when Dentin Bonding.
K. Hirata*, S. Armstrong and F. Qian

Pilot Study to Identify Dentist Service Areas in Iowa.
S. McKernan*, R. Kuthy, A. Joshi, and E. Momany

Communication Techniques Utilized by Dental Students While Presenting Treatment Plans.
M. McQuistan*, M.R. Popowski, F. Qian, and C.L. Straub-Morarend

Changes in Fourth Year Dental Students' Presentation of Treatment Plans.
M.R. Popowski*, M.R. McQuistan, C.L. Straub-Morarend, and F. Qian

Dentine Fluoride as a Biomarker for Childhood F intake: Reliability.
D. Dawson*, J. Heilman, S. Levy, B. Broffitt, L. Uribe, and J. Wefel

Dentine Fluoride as a Biomarker of Fluoride Intake and Fluorosis.
J. Wefel*, S. Levy, B. Broffitt, D. Dawson, and J. Heilman

Use of ART in posterior primary teeth: a conjoint analysis.
E. Kateeb*, J. Warren, G. Gaeth, P. Damiano, M. Kanellis, E. Momany, K. Weber-Gasparoni, and T. Ansley

Enamel/Dentin Bonding Effectiveness of Self-etching Borate-initiated Self-cure 1-step Adhesive.
S. Armstrong*, K. Hirata, and F. Qian

Reasons Relating to Whether or Not Female Dentists Work Full-time.
A. Jennings, R. Kuthy*, F. Qian, T. Marshall, and M.R. McQuistan

Four-year Caries Incidence in Iowa Fluoride Study Teenagers.
B. Broffitt*, S. Levy, J. Warren, J. Kolker, and K. Weber-Gasparoni

Associations Between Tap/Bottled Water Consumption And Caries In Adolescents.
F. Qian*, B. Broffitt, S.M. Levy, J.J. Warren, K. Weber-Gasparoni, and J.L. Kolker

Longitudinal Changes in Dental Esthetic Perceptions of Adolescents and Parents.
G. Kavand*, B. Broffitt, S.M. Levy, and J.J. Warren

Assessment of Convenience of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Lollipops for Caries Reduction.
H. Guenther*, J. Warren, C. Twohig, and D. Drake


NOHC (National Oral Health Conference), Milwaukee, May 2012

Eruption Of Deciduous Teeth In American Indian Children: A Historical Comparison.
K. Kramer, D.V. Dawson, J.J. Warren, K. Phipps, D. Starr, T.A. Marshall, D.R. Drake

Emergency Department Use For Dental Conditions: National Trends Over 10 Years.
A. Singhal, P. Damiano

Dental Procedures Received By Children Enrolled In Wisconsin Delta Dental And Medicaid Programs.
P. Bhagavatula, Q. Xiang, A. Szabo, F. Eichmiller, R.A. Kuthy, C. Okunseri