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Department of Periodontics: News & Events

  • Department of Periodontics Receives AAP Foundation Dr. Charles Finley Visiting Scholar Award
    The College of Dentistry's Department of Periodontics has been selected to receive the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Foundation's Dr. Charles Finley Visiting Scholar Award. The $1500 award assists periodontics programs in supporting guest speakers who present at the college and in the Department of Periodontics.
    Dr. Gustavo Avila-Ortiz prepared the application for the periodontics department to host Dr. Pablo Galindo-Moreno's visit, which occurred February 25 through March 1. He presented a Lunch and Learn on February 27 and also presented an all-day lecture to the Periodontics faculty, adjuncts, residents, and staff on March 1.
  • Spring 2013 Iowa Dental Journal
    Dr. Satheesh Elangovan, Department of Periodontics, has received a $47,000 grant from the International Team for Implantology (ITI) Foundation for his research project, “In vivo Non- viral Based Combinatorial Gene-Delivery System for Bone Regeneration.” The goal of this research will be to develop a safe and efficient non-viral gene delivery system to deliver multiple genes in vivo for periodontal and bone regeneration and other orthopedic applications. Co-investigators include Dr. Liu Hong, Dows and Prosthodontics, and Dr. Aliasger Karimjee Salem, College of Pharmacy.
    Dr. Gustavo Avila Ortiz, Department of Periodontics, has received a $87, 456 grant from Osteogenics Biomedical Inc. for his clinical trial research, “Efficacy of Socket Grafting for Alveolar Ridge Preservation: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. The objective of this study is to assess whether a ridge preservation technique consisting of a bone allograft covered with a synthetic non-resorbable barrier after tooth extraction leads to superior clinical and volumetric outcomes as compared to tooth extraction alone. Dr. Mitch Gubler, first year Periodontics resident, will work with Dr. Avila-Ortiz in carrying out this research which will begin this spring. Drs. Chris Barwacz, Satheesh Elangovan, Veeratrishul Allareddy and Clark Stanford are consultants for this project.
    Dr. Kim Brogden, Dows and Periodontics, reports that an article, “Defensin bidirectionally regulates chemokine and cytokine responses to a pro- inflammatory stimulus” has been published in Scientific Reports, the open access journal from the Nature Publishing Group. “With the company Cellworks,” Dr. Brogden says, “we developed an in silico model of dendritic cell responses, validated those responses, and then tested the responses in our dendritic cell assays.” Dr. Brogden notes that his co-authors include Erica Recker, a UI undergraduate student; Lauren Harvey (D3); Karl Kohlgraf (DDS ’12); and two periodontics residents, Drs. Leslie Mehalick and Monica Raina, who all contributed to the project.
    We would like to congratulate Dr. Kim Brogden on his new appointment as the Director of the Dows Institute for Dental Research.
    Over the MLK, Jr. weekend, the department celebrated the holiday season with faculty, residents, staff, adjunct faculty, emeriti faculty and spouses. We had a wonderful evening of food, laughter and catching up after the winter break.
    On February 19th, the college held the 60th annual meeting of the Iowa section of the American Association for Dental Research. Dr. Gustavo Avila Ortiz is Vice President of the Iowa Section and was one of the organizers of the successful even. Congratulations to the following award recipients and their mentors. The following winners were mentored by Dr. Kim Brogden:
    • L. Harvey (D3)- Iowa Society of Periodontology Pre-Doctoral Award. “HBD3 Both Enhances, Attenuates Dendritic Cell Cytokine Responses to HagB.”
    • Dr. M. Raina - (2nd year perio resident)- Iowa Society of Periodontology Post-Doctoral Award. “HBD3 Regulates Matrix Metalloproeteinase Production in Human HMDS’s Exposed to P. gingivalis HagB.”
    • Dr. L. Mehalick – (3rd year perio resident)- 2nd Place Max Smith Oral Presentation Graduate and Post-Doctoral Competition. “ Sphingoid Bases Induce Dose-Dependent Cytotoxicity and Cytokine Responses in Dendritic Cells.”

    Joe Kelley (D4), mentored by Dr. Satheesh Elangovan, received second place in the Max Smith Predoctoral Competition. His presentation was, “A Quality Assessment of Systematic Reviews on Periodontitis-Coronary Heart Disease Associations.”
    Dr. Paula Weistroffer and colleagues attended the axiUm Users Meeting in Vancouver in February where she represented clinicians in discussing enhancements to our electronic dental record. Ms. Nancy Slach has regularly attended Iowa Dental Board Meetings in Des Moines in conjunction with her role as an Iowa Dental Board member.
    On February 22nd and 23rd, Drs. Johnson, Clark, Humbert, Avila-Ortiz with residents, Drs. Leslie Mehalick, Joseph Capps, Monica Raina, Christopher Poulsen, and Katherine Smith attended the 56th annual Midwest Society of Periodontology meeting. The trip to Chicago was an adventure for some with the snow storm, but everyone made it there safely and enjoyed the presentations. Dr. Paula Weistroffer is the new Vice-President of the Midwest Society of Periodontology.
    While most residents were learning in Chicago, first year resident Mitch Gubler and his wife welcomed baby number 3, Maddux (Max) Miles Gubler, born on Feb 23rd weighing 7.4 lbs. Dr. Derek Borgwardt (adjunct faculty) and Stacy are the proud parents of a new baby girl, Sidney, who made her grand entrance on New Year’s Day. Congrats on these new bundles of joy.
    We recently welcomed Mrs. Sheena Hogue, a dental assistant, to the department. Sheena, formally with the Department of Pediatrics, has six years of dental assisting experience and has become a valuable member of the team.

  • Holiday Letter 2012
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!
    The Dental College’s transformation is well underway. The new West Wing opened last year, and Phase I of the renovations which includes Periodontics and Oral Surgery started this fall. We moved to our temporary home on second floor at the end of August, and the signs and sounds of construction (progress!) are apparent. If all goes as planned, our faculty, hygienists and residents will move back to remodeled clinics on fourth floor in May 2013.
    Our six residents are especially looking forward to the enhanced facilities for surgical care and sedations. They include graduates from Iowa, University of Western Ontario, and UNLV in Nevada. They are bright young people and solid clinicians. They are getting good experiences in periodontal disease management, implantology, periodontal plastics and sedation.
    Faculty Highlights from 2012:
    • Dr. Gustavo Avila-Ortiz was appointed Chair of the AAP Foundation’s New Century Committee.
    • Dr. Kim Brogden was named the Director of the Dows Institute here at the College in November.
    • Dr. Steve Clark represents the Dental College on the University of Iowa Faculty Senate.
    • Dr. Satheesh Elangovan became a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology in May.
    • Dr. Lewis Humbert serves as consultant to the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation.
    • Dr. Georgia Johnson served as Co-Chair of the American Board of Periodontology.
    • Ms. Nancy Slach was appointed to the Iowa Dental Board for a three year term.
    • Dr. Paula Weistroffer was elected Secretary of the Midwest Society of Periodontology.

    Drs. Avila-Oritz and Elangovan have been successful in attracting grant awards to study the impact of obesity on peri-implant inflammation; novel bone regeneration models using nonviral transfection of growth factors; and the effectiveness of ridge preservation. Dr. Brogden maintains his federal funded research program in innate immunity and mentors several of our graduate student MS projects.
    We miss Drs. Al Kvidera and Guy Bilek, long time dedicated adjunct faculty members. Al is hiking in Colorado, and Guy is golfing more in Florida! There is life beyond gum gardening!
    It was good to see several of our alumni at our reception at the AAP meeting in Los Angeles. It would be fantastic to have you visit us for a grand tour in our new location next year! We wish you a wonderful holiday season and good health in the New Year!

  • Winter 2013 Iowa Cental Journal
    In mid-September, the new residents for the 2013 Advanced Education Program in Periodontics were selected. Christopher Hutton and Vrushali Abhyankar will start their residency at the beginning of July of 2013.
    Dr. Satheesh Elangovan attended “The Dr. Sigmund Socransky Memorial Symposium” at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA on September 18-20, 2012 During the meeting Dr. Elangovan heard presentations from several renowned periodontist from throughout the world. He toured the Forsyth Institute, a leading oral and related biomedical science research center.
    At the end of September, Drs. Johnson, Avila-Ortiz, Elangovan, Humbert, and Weistroffer attended the 98th American Academy of Periodontology annual meeting in Los Angeles. It was a great program with some very insightful dental educational and procedure practices. During the meeting, the department held our annual alumni reception, and it was great seeing so many of our alumni.
    During the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) annual meeting recently held in Los Angeles, the AAP Foundation Board approved the constitution of the New Century Committee, and Dr. Gustavo Avila-Ortiz from the Department of Periodontics was designated as its chair. The primary function of this new committee will be to collaborate with the Foundation to achieve its mission by facilitating and promoting networking among young periodontists involved in education, research, and patient care in the United States.
    Also during the meeting, Dr. Satheesh Elangovan was honored as a new diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology at the Sounding Board Breakfast. He completed board certification in May 2012. Dr. Georgia Johnson served as co-chair of the board from 2011-12 and was recognized for her service as a director from 2006-12. She has also served as an examiner for the board from 2005-06 and will continue in this capacity.
    On October 6th, the Iowa Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons hosted Dr. Paul Fugazzotto as the speaker for their annual meeting held in Iowa City. He lectured on “Progressive Implant Surgery Strategies for the Anterior and Posterior Maxilla”. It was a great presentation and the department appreciated the opportunity to attend this program. Several of the residents have implemented some of the techniques discussed during their implant procedures.
    Dr. Gustavo Avila-Ortiz, attended the II Spanish College of Oral Implantologists (SCOI) Meeting that was held in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), October 25-27. Approximately, a total 400 general dentists, dental specialists, hygienists and dental students attended this scientific meeting. He presented the lecture entitled, “Alveolar Ridge Preservation: Historic Perspective and Current Evidence".
    Ms. Nancy Slach has participated in several Iowa Dental Board meetings in Des Moines this fall in conjunction with her position on the State Board of Dentistry.
    On November 3, the Iowa Society of Periodontology hosted the Midlands Periodontal Conference. Dr. Roberta Shaklee was the featured speaker on “Periodontal Maintenance & Ultrasonic Instrumentation”. The department had several faculty, staff and residents in attendance for the presentation. The presentation was well received, and the department is looking at incorporating some of the ideas presented.
    The department has received a generous gift from Dr. Otto and Mrs. Kathleen Dohm to establish the Dr. Otto Dohm Periodontal Educational Enhancement Fund. Thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Dohm for this wonderful gift that will benefit our education programs. Dr. Dohm is a dental alumnus of the University of Nebraska and a graduate of the University of Iowa’s periodontal program.
    As a department we extend our best wishes to Ms. Joan Wollschlager on her well-deserved retirement. Joan, a long-time dental hygienist who had worked in Periodontics for the past 10 years, officially retired September 11th and has relocated to Texas to be closer to family. She and her husband are looking forward to traveling around the country. In addition, they traveled to Germany this fall with their family to visit their son who is stationed there.
    Dr. Kim Brogden, Dows Institute for Dental Research and Department of Periodontics, was recently named Director of the Dows Institute at the College of Dentistry. Kim brings solid administrative skills and a valuable perspective to this position.
    Drs. Gustavo Avila-Ortiz and Satheesh Elangovan have been very successful in grant funding this fall. Dr. Avila-Ortiz is the Principal Investigator on an unrestricted grant ($87,500, total costs) from Osteogenics Biomedical Inc. to conduct a randomized controlled trial to assess whether a ridge preservation technique consisting of a bone allograft covered with a synthetic non-resorbable barrier after tooth extraction leads to superior outcomes as compared to tooth extraction alone. Dr. Mitch Gubler, first year Periodontics resident, will work with Dr. Avila-Ortiz on this project. Drs. Chris Barwacz, Satheesh Elangovan, Veeratrishul Allareddy and Clark Stanford are consultants. Dr. Elangovan has received notification that he and his collaborators, Drs. Ali Salem, Liu Hong and Deborah Dawson, are the recipients of an ITI Foundation grant, “ In vivo: Non-viral based combinatorial gene delivery system for bone regeneration” in the amount of $46,848. The long term goal of this project is to develop a safe and efficient non-viral gene delivery system to deliver multiple genes in vivo for periodontal and bone regeneration and other orthopedic applications.
    Best wishes and congratulations to Dr. Satheesh Elangovan on his marriage to Dr. Sreedevi Srinivasan in November in India. Sreedevi is an orthodontist on the faculty at Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine in Boston. They make a great perio-ortho team!
    We would like to thank Diane Dautremont for all her time and expertise in the department’s transition between department Administrative Services Coordinators. She also was a tremendous during our move to second floor, our temporary location during the renovation of our clinics on fourth floor. Our staff worked to make the transition as smooth as possible, and we appreciate efforts to accommodate us. This fall we held a joint Operative-Perio Potluck with our new neighbors and shared excellent food and fellowship.
  • Happy Holidays 2011 from the University of Iowa Department of Periodontics
  • Iowa Dental News Fall 2011