Recording Instructions

ICON Instructions | MyFiles Instructions


Get microphone

Plug mic into mic jack on front of computer



Position microphone for best pickup.

E.g. drape it around the handle of the light.  Make sure the pickup part of the mic is pointing toward you and the patient

Double click the

Easy MP3 Recorder desktop icon

Set Record Volume Level

RIGHT click on the on the speaker next to the clock (lower right on task bar)


Select Recording Devices from menu


Select Microphone

Click Properties button


Click on Levels tab

Move Microphone level all the way to the right so value = 100.


Click OK then OK on Sound dialog box from above.

Set file location and filename

Click the Record To button

Save location defaults to c:\temp folder.  Save the file here or change to a location of your choice (like a flash drive).


Note: files saved to the Desktop are lost after the computer is rebooted so be careful saving files to the Desktop.


Enter a filename for your recording then click Save.



** Record a test **

Click the Start button to begin recording

Verify something is recording:

The left and right meters should be bouncing, the needle on the VU (dB) meter should be bouncing and you should have activity on the graph.


Also, verify the filename under the graph.


Click Stop to end recording.

If you don’t see any indication of sound try…

·         Reconnect the mic

·         Make sure the on/off button on the mic is pressed in

·         Verify record volume level


Redo the test recording.

Record the interview

Click the Start button – click Yes to overwrite the test recording.

When done, click the Stop button.


Other User Notes:

To listen to the recording, click the filename or .

To open the folder where the file is saved click .


Copy the file to ICON

click here for instructions

Copy the file to a personal location

Copy file to H: drive via MyFiles – click here for instructions


Copy file to user supplied flash drive