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2015 Class

image of dental student halloween costumesActivities / events / outreach:

The class participated in a can food drive for the local food bank.

The names of two children, a boy and a girl, were selected from the angel tree to receive Christmas gifts.

The class is currently planning a kickball tournament and BBQ for June.

Small groups of the class have been participating in intramural sports, such as flag football, volleyball, softball, soccer, and basketball. As well as small groups have gotten together for dinner after tough exam weeks at the Vine and Saloon, or Christmas and Easter get togethers for those of us who didn't get to visit family during the holidays.

They also get together for group game night and play apples to apples, catch phrase, and balderdash.

Some not so "game nights" have included get togethers for teeth waxing parties as well as denture/occlusion parties.

They've also met as a class and made class t-shirt designs, voted on them, and ordered them.

Some are also attending and looking forward to the Dental Formal, and awarding the teacher of the year that was voted on.

Title Name
President Ursula Diehl
Vice-President Meghan Hash
Senior Class Clinical Boards Liason Mysty Shaver
Treasurer Brandy Kleinheksel
Secretary Alex Whitesell
IASDA Representative Taylor Zmoos
Faculty Adviser Ms. Cathy Solow