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Research Seed Grant Program

The Research Seed Grant Program is intended to permit established researchers to obtain pilot data so as to expand research in their area of expertise or to explore a new direction of research. It is anticipated that these activities will lead to an application for extramural research support.

Applicants will normally be expected to have received extra-Collegiate funding in the past in order to qualify for support. Individual awards will be up to $15,000.

Guidelines for Preparing Applications

The entire application should be no longer than 6 pages (single spaced) not including the budget and bibliography; suggestions for the length of each section are given below.

  1. Specific Aims (1/2 page max)

    Briefly describe the overall objectives of the project and explain how it relates to your existing program of research. State the hypothesis to be tested or the questions to be addressed and list and describe the specific aims.

  2. Background and Significance (2 pages max)

    Critically review the most significant literature and show why the proposed research is important and needs to be done.

  3. Preliminary Studies (1 page max)

    If you have done any pilot studies that will support your proposal, briefly describe them here.

  4. Materials and Methods (2 pages max)
    • Describe the materials, research subjects, specimens or population to be used
    • Describe the method of data acquisition and analysis.
  5. Future Directions (1/2 page max)

    Describe future, extra-murally funded projects that might flow from this research. Include timeline for extramural grant applications, proposed dates, funding sources, etc.

  6. Bibliography

    List the references that were cited; give authors, title, journal or book name, volume, pages and year.

  7. Budget

    Itemize and briefly justify costs that are requested; note that travel costs will not be allowed unless they are an intrinsic part of the research (e.g., transportation to survey sites). Computers or equipment costing more than $3,000 cannot be purchased without specific approval.

Projects using animals* or human subjects ** must be approved by the appropriate University Committee.

*Projects using animals must be approved by the University Animal Care Committee.

**Projects involving human subjects must also be approved by University Human Subject Review Committee. Applicants may wait to seek these approvals until the project has been accepted by the College of Dentistry.

Forms for both Committees are available electronically: