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Clinical Research Center

Name Title Address Phone
Richard Barwacz* Program Coordinator N410 DSB (319) 335-6763
Dr. Clark Stanford Director N419 DSB (319) 335-7381
Dr. Chris Barwacz Clinician W425 DSB (319) 384-3002
Lauren Hughes Clinical Trials & Data Management W423 DSB (319) 335-7377

*Primary Contact

Dows Institute Faculty

Name   Address Phone
Marie Phillips*   N418 DSB (319) 335-7387
Dr. Jeffrey Banas   N447 DSB (319) 335-7486
Dr. Kim Brogden   N423 DSB (319) 335-8077
Dr. Isabelle Denry   N409 DSB (319) 335-7439
Dr. David Drake   N407 DSB (319) 335-7482
Dr. Ronald Ettinger   N404 DSB (319) 335-7483
Dr. Liu Hong   N405 DSB (319) 335-7439
Dr. Christopher Squier   N406A DSB (319) 335-7388
Dr. Lina Moreno-Uribe   N401 DSB (319) 335-7484
Dr. Clark Stanford   N419 DSB (319) 335-7387
Dr. Philip Wertz   N450 DSB (319) 335-7409

*Primary Contact

Dows Institute

Name Title Address Phone
Marie Phillips* Research Support Coordinator N418 DSB (319) 335-7387
Dr. Clark Stanford Associate Dean for Research N419 DSB (319) 335-7387
Dr. Kim Brogden Director of Dows N423 DSB (319) 335-8077
Lynn Schaul Dental Student Research Program N406 DSB (319) 335-7404
Wendy Boyse Account Clerk N422 DSB (319) 335-7386
Sharon Seydel Adminstrative Manager N418A DSB (319) 335-7389
Christine White Specialist Librarian N445 DSB (319) 335-7406

*Primary Contact

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