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Biomaterials, Bone & Tissue Engineering

The replacement of tissues and organs with synthetic materials has become an increasingly important therapeutic modality and raises important questions about tissue response to a variety of substances. In dentistry, the clinical use of dental implants has intensified interest in collegiate faculty research, which examines changes in implant surfaces that may affect the attachment of soft tissue to implant surfaces, facilitate integration of a prosthesis with bone, or address the relationship between osteoporosis and oral health.  Technologies and applications that involve biomaterials and tissue engineering. Applications include: restorative material adhesion,  osseous tissue reconstruction, tooth replacement therapies

Researcher: Dr. Steve Armstrong
Dentin and enamel adhesion/durability; evaluation of direct restorative materials.
Researcher: Dr. Gustavo Avila-Ortiz
Alveolar bone, including understanding healing dynamics based on local and systemic individual patient features; analysis of site-specific factors that determine bone quality; evaluation of therapeutic strategies to prevent alveolar ridge resorption after tooth loss; implant site development techniques, in particular, sinus floor elevation.
Researcher: Dr. Isabelle Denry
Ceramics for biomedical applications: development and characterization; characterization of dental ceramics: crystalline phases, microstructure, structure/properties relationships; development of dental ceramics with tailored properties; leucite-containing ceramics, zirconia-based ceramics; resorbable 3-D ceramic scaffolds for bone tissue replacement.
Researcher : Dr. Satheesh Elangovan
Developing and testing biomaterials for the purpose of periodontal and bone tissue engineering. Other interests include studying the interactions between biomaterials and biomolecules such as proteins, as well as DNA.
Researcher: Dr. Julie A. Holloway
Dental ceramics and dental implant materials sciences.
Researcher: Dr. Liu Hong
Adult stem cell-based craniofacial tissue engineering, including stem cell biology, in vitro and in vivo bone, cartilage and adipose regeneration, MR monitoring of engineered tissues.
Researcher: Dr. Georgia Johnson
Effects of tobacco products on periodontal host response and the impact of smoking on periodontal treatment outcomes; the role of naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides in periodontal disease and clinical dental implant research.
Researcher: Dr. John Keller
Biological responses to biomedical materials, especially implants and bone substitute materials; characteristics of implant surfaces; mechanics of implant retention.
Researcher: Dr. Galen Schneider
Bone cell biology as it relates to implant osseointegration and bone tissue engineering. His research interest focus on several questions: 1. How does osteoblast cell adhesion regulate bone growth at the molecular level? 2. Does implant surface microtopography influence osteoblast differentiation? 3. Can bone tissue be engineered using injectable scaffolds? 4. Can three-dimensional environments be used for osseous tissue engineering?
Researcher: Dr. Marcos Vargas
Dental materials: glass ionomers, dentin bonding, composite resins and esthetic dentistry.