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University of Iowa College of Dentistry
Strategic Plan - 2010-2015

Core Values, Goals and Strategies

Strategic Plan 2010-2015 (pdf)

To educate dentists for Iowa and beyond through excellence in patient care, education, and research.
To be an invaluable resource to Iowa and to influence the direction of dentistry in this country and around the world.
Core Values
The College of Dentistry is committed to the University’s core values: Excellence – Learning – Community – Diversity – Integrity – Respect – Responsibility.
Goal 1:
Provide the highest quality education to prepare our graduates to deliver general dental care in a changing environment in Iowa and beyond.
Strategy 1A:
Use collegiate educational outcomes to shape our predoctoral curriculum:
  • Develop core knowledge in the basic and clinical dental sciences.
  • Ensure technical excellence in a core of dental/oral patient procedures.
  • Apply critical thinking skills and evidence-based practice in patient care.
  • Instill ethical and professional values.
  • Develop basic dental practice management skills.
  • Develop social responsibility awareness.
Strategy 1B:
Recruit and retain high caliber students to include representative diversity in gender, ethnicity and culture.
Strategy 1C:
Provide and coordinate educational and patient care experiences appropriate for developing contemporary practice skills.
Strategy 1D:
Foster self directed learning.
Strategy 1E:
Sensitize students to societal oral health needs through experiences with diverse and underserved populations.
Strategy 1F:
Incorporate contemporary educational technology and methodology.
Strategy 1G:
Provide research and leadership opportunities for students.
Strategy 1H:
Provide state-of-the-art clinical and preclinical facilities.
Strategy 1I:
Develop educational programs that will be recognized as national models.
Goal 2:
Maintain nationally recognized advanced educational programs in all dental specialties and selected clinical disciplines.
Strategy 2A:
Recruit students who will meet the needs for specialty care in Iowa and beyond.
Strategy 2B:
Provide appropriate research, professional experiences and mentorship for academic careers in dentistry.
Strategy 2C:
Encourage faculty to pursue national leadership roles in the specialties, selected clinical disciplines and in councils of patient care policy and standards.
Goal 3:
Advance research and scholarship in oral, craniofacial, and general health.
Strategy 3A:
Support and encourage scholarly pursuits for all collegiate faculty.
Strategy 3B:
Maintain a critical mass of funded faculty to reinforce a selective number of thematic areas.
Strategy 3C:
Pursue extramural funding through NIH and other federal sources; industrial/ corporate partnerships; and state and private foundations.
Strategy 3D
Provide state-of-the-art core research facilities.
Strategy 3E:
Develop a reward system commensurate with research productivity.
Strategy 3F:
Pursue basic, clinical and translational research collaborations.
Goal 4:
Maintain an effective patient care program to meet the needs and expectations of our patients.
Strategy 4A:
Ensure that collegiate standards of patient care guide treatment planning and patient management.
Strategy 4B:
Deliver care in a timely manner using established criteria.
Strategy 4C:
Coordinate patient care with our curriculum.
Strategy 4D:
Incorporate advanced technologies in patient care services.
Goal 5:
Recruit, nurture and retain a vital, productive, and collegial faculty by fostering the essential balance of research intensive scholars, clinical scholars and teacher clinicians.
Strategy 5A:
Enhance mentoring and professional development opportunities for faculty to encourage a scholarly approach to teaching, research, and patient care.
Strategy 5B:
Develop strategies for enhancing satisfaction with faculty life, including enhancement of base salaries, performance-based rewards, start-up support, mini-sabbaticals, and other recruitment improvement strategies.
Strategy 5C:
Increase the proportion of new faculty appointed to the tenure track to enhance contributions to scholarship.
Strategy 5D:
Pursue endowed professorships/chairs to recruit and retain senior faculty.
Strategy 5E:
Provide research design, statistical and writing support for faculty scholarly contributions.
Goal 6:
Provide a productive and supportive work and learning environment.
Strategy 6A
Recruit, retain, and nurture a vital, diverse, and collegial staff.
Strategy 6B
Transform our building to coordinate infrastructure improvements in patient care, research, personnel support, information technology and systems.
Strategy 6C:
Provide opportunities for professional development for faculty and staff.
Strategy 6D
Improve effectiveness and efficiency of administrative processes including recruitment, performance assessment and reviews.
Strategy 6E
Recognize the achievements of faculty, staff, students and collegiate units.
Strategy 6F
Pursue additional funding streams consistent with our mission.
Goal 7:
Serve as a resource to the University, the state, and the profession.
Strategy 7A:
Provide leadership to identify policies and strategies to serve the needs of underserved populations in the state.
Strategy 7B:
Provide national and international leadership in the dental specialties, in oral health, in research and in dental education.
Strategy 7C:
Provide innovative continuing education by focusing on the needs of professionals in the state.
Strategy 7D:
Pursue opportunities to participate in shared governance, policy development and appointments and reviews at the University level.
Strategy 7E:
Cooperate with community colleges to enhance educational opportunities in the allied oral health professions.
Strategy 7F:
Continue to serve the state of Iowa with outreach activities.
Strategy 7G:
Facilitate Iowa practice opportunities.